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Our companyNicaragua

We are a small start up company, located in Nicaragua, working on the design, manufacture and distribution of products primarily in the UAV market. With some private funding and funding from Kickstarter we have developed a novel product, an electro permanent magnet  which has applications in the UAV field for package transportation as well as in the general field of robotics. 

We have recently formed an alliance with Zubax, a Russian based company, who have developed the DroneCodeProbe which is available in our online store.

We would like to set up an evironment where all the infrastructure and legal requirements are in place to run hardware projects. Here anyone is welcome to join us and start developing products.

We  believe in Open Source Hardware as it eliminates the risk of vendor locking and facilitates the adaptation of our products for different uses, hopefully stimulating a developing community. It also eliminates the risk small companies like ours pose for OEMs who want to use our products. In case of a production hiccup all the information is available without license and will allow OEM's to manufacture our products.


Our team 

Andreas Jochum is head of product development and production. Jeff Bishop and Luis Montoya Rourke are in administration

Here are some photos of our operation:



Nicaragua, headquarters and production facility

NicaDrone / Jeffrey Colin Bishop

Salida Hacia Muy Muy,

Del acopio NicaCentro 70 metros al este,

Matiguas Matagalpa, 63100



+505 2778:1430 


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C/O Luis Montoya Rourk

12204 Nordesta Dr.

Norwalk CA 90650


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