PCB Tutorial Part 3: Solder Mask and Silk Screen

So we are onto Soldermasking, protects the copper from corrosion, makes soldering easy, and it looks really good. Silk Screen is nice for assembly instructions and Board markings


The Process is virtually identical with Part 1 with some small differences:

DSC00708Before you start the board has to be really clean, the discolored parts you see in the picture to the right is copper oxide and it makes the soldering process a nightmare. We use sandpaper just because it's easy to get, some people don't like it but I never had a problem. Just remember Remove all theoxide!

DSC00673As mentioned This UV curable paint comes in different colors and is really hard and suitable for all these processes

The important things to get perfect results are

  1. Spray the paint deluded with alcohol without water
  2. Dry the paint in a reflow oven, drying temperature influences exposure time drastically above 100C
  3. High contrast mask without distortions and holes
  4. Make 4-5 small test boards to get the exposure and drying time/temp right


 Pretty nice eh?